How to use LinkedIn in 2020 | How to set up your LinkedIn account like a PRO! | Jo Saunders

Not sure how to leverage LinkedIn™? In a time of social distancing LinkedIn can help you stay connected and top of mind. It starts by finding your voice and sharing your value aligned to your vision. Let’s chat about your virtual or face to face training, coaching and consulting needs 0422 431 039 /

Challenged by LinkedIn, social media tools or content strategy a challenge?


My mission is to help experts, leaders and their teams, students, graduates and emerging leaders energise their presence, enhance credibility and engage their network through connectfluence™ to earn influence and make an impact.

As an independent LinkedIn expert, certified trainer, certified EMP practitioner and social media marketing strategist I’m engaged for;

» LinkedIn training & mentoring
» LinkedIn profile reviews
» Online and in-house LinkedIn workshops
» Personal brand coaching
» Conference keynote speaking
» Content marketing strategy
» Social media consulting
» Event social media strategy

Connection has always been my passion, to others and self. It started almost 30 years ago through the art of letter writing, designing and delivering events and marketing. My purpose is to inspire and motivate better connection which creates influence and impact (Connectfluence™).

I’m a highly curious, creative thinking, Ugg boot wearing, colourful optimist, who is blunt with heart. I will say what needs to be said (the Yorkshire spirit) in a friendly way (the Aussie spirit).

» #2 LinkedIn Expert in Asia Pacific 2018 & #4 in 2019
» Top 50 Social Media Marketing Influencer 2019
» The only Australian LinkedIn expert invited to speak at #SMMW in San Diego.
» #4 on the Klout LinkedIn Expert List
» Social Media Educator of the Year 2019 Finalist
» Co-author of “Get Good Or Get Off – A Guide to Getting it Right on Social Media”

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Connect and tell me your favourite drink. Mine is a soy chai latte (with leaves).

Disclaimer: I am an independent LinkedIn expert.

Transcription – First 4 Minutes:

Greg Allan (00:00):
Thank you, Joe. Thanks for joining us. Coronavirus business help really appreciate your support here. I’m really looking forward to giving back in terms of your knowledge around LinkedIn and social media. So thanks so much for joining us.
Jo Saunders (00:15):
No problems, happy to help.
Greg Allan (00:17):
So tell us a little bit about your history in the social platform, how you really got into it. Just to give a bit of a context to the people watching before we jump into the nitty gritty.
Jo Saunders (00:28):
Yeah, sure. So I’ve been in business for just over a decade now. So I’ve been focusing on LinkedIn for the last pretty much 10 years. Yep. Yeah, so I teach people how to use it effectively, how to set it up. I do coaching training consulting now, virtual training as well. Yeah, you could be agile. I mean, a lot of my work, it can be virtual anyway, but it’s a great platform because it’s more professionally focused and say, you know, your Facebook’s even I was gonna say tech talk as well, given we just talked about that, but yeah, it’s just a different tone, but it’s, it doesn’t take up as much time as some of the other platforms you don’t get sucked into watching cat videos and people dancing and all that sort of stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Greg Allan (01:13):
Cool. Yeah. So with your clients at the moment what are some things that you noticing in, in the marketplace and things that you’re telling your clients to help them strategize around using social media for LinkedIn, for helping them stay in business and keep a constant good flow of work?
Jo Saunders (01:33):
Yeah, well, I think now more than ever LinkedIn is super important because it allows you to stay connected to people. It allows you to stay visible and allows you to still create content, publish content, add value, so that when things do turn around, then you’re there. I mean, some businesses are still obviously continuing on. But if you’re in a business that is going a bit quiet, it’s a nice way to stay, stay connected and also stay saying, because, you know, if you aren’t isolated this is a way to keep, you know, keep in touch with people in your business world. Yeah, yeah. For sure. Yeah.
Greg Allan (02:06):
Do you notice, I don’t know if you’ve checked any analytics or anything, is there been a spike in the use of LinkedIn since people are working from home, obviously on the computer a bit more at home? Or is that something that you’re noticing?

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