Makeup Evolution | 3000 BC – 2020

An educational history of the most iconic and important makeup over the the existence of humanity. Starting with the origin of makeup in prehistoric times during the Egyptians and Cleopatra to the modern Kylie Jenner Ariana grande, L’Oréal, Olay , we walk through through the evolution of makeup in an easy to understand method by showing each major progression, whilst also seeing slight adaptions throughout.

This video took over 15 hours to produce! We manually research all the items for each video. For every video topic we pay specialist researchers to get the most accurate and interesting information possible! Our researchers spend over an hour writing custom descriptions and DON’T copy and paste information! We spend over 4 hours getting and cutting out every single image using photoshop and adjusting lighting and colours so it fits well into the video. Then we manually put each image into a video editing software file to put all the images and information together. We also spend time adjusting, text, colors and lighting to make our videos look as good as possible. Rendering the video so that it is fully animated can take up to a day – in no way is this process automated it’s 15+ hours of work per video!

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History of the makeup over the years, from 3000BC – 2020
Evolution of makeup


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